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14 December 2016

A Little Day Of Giving

This year’s Little Ray of Giving has exceeded all expectations, thanks to the charity of two local kindergartens, a couple of loyal tradies, & the staff and families of Ray White Ponsonby.

12 December 2016

Anyone for Tennis?

The Wither Hills West End Tennis Cup, co-sponsored by Ray White Damerell Group, attracts a host of international players, supported by a record crowd of enthusiastic locals.

7 December 2016

A Jolt To The Senses

Expect to be challenged by a clutch of galleries in Putiki Street, secreted away behind McDonalds in Arch Hill.

30 November 2016

Checks and Balances

The Unitary Plan is a brilliant opportunity for innovation, say two Ponsonby architects. But sensitivity and care are needed to make it work.

23 November 2016

Ponsonby Park

This is the story of a group of dedicated Ponsonby locals who are passionate about the suburb they live in and their community led initiative to reclaim a small part of Ponsonby Road.

23 November 2016

Little Ray of Giving 2016

Now in its fourth year, Ray White has again joined forces with Ronald McDonald House in this charitable initiative to put a smile on as many children’s faces as possible this festive season

17 November 2016

October Market Wrap

Global political turbulence, coupled with a continued shortage of housing stock, means there’s still high demand for quality homes in Greater Ponsonby.

16 November 2016

The Trump Effect

Will the Trump presidency spell the end of the good times for Auckland property? Economists Zoe Wallis and Sharon Zollner consider the future.

9 November 2016

Time to Wrap Up

New insulation regulations for rental properties are in place. Here’s what you need to know as a landlord.


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