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Watch Our Auctions Live

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5 May 2022

In-Room Auctions are back!

Ask anyone who has participated or just been in an auction room and you’ll know that nothing compares to the auction day buzz! So as the Covid traffic light system allows, we are back at in-room auctions from this week.


We’re back! In-room auctions are back in action at Damerell Group

Ensuring the safety of our clients, sales team and colleagues is really important to us. That’s why we have chosen to run online auctions since lockdown hit Auckland in August. Online auctions, via our Auctions Live technology, are a great way for vendors to take advantage of superior auction campaign results, while also remaining safe and adhering to Government guidelines.

However, ask anyone who has participated or just been in an auction room and you’ll know that nothing compares to the auction day buzz! So as the Covid traffic light system allows, we are back at in-room auctions from this week. 

If you didn’t know already, Damerell Group runs two auction slots to ensure customers have a dedicated service unique to their area - this is part of our auction service that stands us apart from the rest.

  • North Shore auctions are run out of our Ray White Takapuna office every Wednesday at 10am. Beautiful homes from north of the bridge are under the hammer each week from our North Shore offices provides greater options for buyers.
  • Auctions for the rest of Auckland are run from The Sapphire Room in Ponsonby Central from 5.30pm on Wednesdays. The in-room buzz is infectious and it’s not only a beautiful spot to get caught up in auction night, but buyers will also be supported by many of our sales experts who are there to lend a hand and share advice.

We’re being asked a lot at the moment whether auction campaigns are still the right strategy in this changing market. One of the things that our business is built on is great data, and sharing that with our customers to put the decision-making process in their hands. The data speaks for itself as to the impact an auction campaign can have on the sale of your home - over the last 3 months:

  • Auction campaigns were on the market for an average of 25 days, with a 90-day clearance rate of 63.5% (so this includes sale prior to, on auction day or after auction)
  • This is compared to 50 days on the market for private treaty/price by negotiation campaigns, which have a 90-day clearance rate of 21.8%.

We’re passionate about great auction campaigns and getting the best results possible for our sellers, and the best experience for our buyers. If you want to learn more about how an auction campaign could work for the sale of your home, please get in touch. One of our local property experts would love to learn more about your home and how we can help.


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