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8 December 2017

Leap of Faith

Cheryl Burgess talks about a life-changing family event that prompted her to get into real estate, and why she decided to become the latest salesperson to join the growing team at Ray White Damerell Group.


Prior to selling property, Cheryl and her husband Dave spent five years as the building managers at The Metropolis – Auckland’s most prestigious residential tower – and before that, they ran a hotel in the Taupo region.

“To be honest, life was fairly unremarkable career-wise,” admits Burgess. “Then our youngest daughter got really sick, and it made us think about some of the bigger questions in life. And that’s when I decided to get into real estate sales.”

“I thought, bugger it, I’m going to do something that I think I’ll really enjoy and be really good at. It was something that had always been at the back of my mind, but I hadn’t acted on,” she says. “That was four years ago, and I definitely made the right decision. I just love it.”

Keen to grow her business, Burgess recently took the next big step in her real estate career by joining the team at Ray White Damerell.

“I just couldn’t see myself growing where I was.” she says.

“Seriously though, it was the access to emerging technologies and the forward way of thinking offered by the team here that was one of the deciding factors to me moving across to Ray White Damerell Group – that and Gower [Buchanan]. His enthusiasm and the care and attention he gives to all facets of the company is remarkable,” she adds.

There’s also the support network that Ray White Damerell Group Ltd offers its salespeople – even though each runs their own business, there is a comprehensive support network they all have access to and can rely on – allowing them to work autonomously within a strong and supportive team environment.

Cheryl Burgess

Cheryl Burgess

“It’s the peace of mind of having access to a trained legal expert, plus all the expertise of a full marketing team –including marketing, design, writing, photography and video. In my previous position, I was given a desk and left to get on with it. I had to do my own newsletters from scratch, plus research legal matters if they came up,” she says.

What this all adds up to for Burgess is that she and her fellow team members have more time to concentrate on providing exceptional experiences for their clients.

“What’s refreshing and something new for me is that here I can call anyone in the team if I need an urgent question answered or clarified – even the directors, anytime of the day, or at weekends – and that’s not only reassuring for me, but also my clients.”

And that’s certainly something that resonates with Ray White Damerell Director, Gower Buchanan. “The self responsibility that both Simon [Damerell] and I bring to the table is a key part of our culture, and it’s that philosophy that everyone on the team really engages in,” he says.

“Cheryl brings a fantastic energy to the team and a willingness to help out.

“For us, Cheryl’s values directly align with ours – that of a service driven by exceptional customer satisfaction and absolute integrity, and also having innovation as core value,” he says.

“The real estate industry has changed and continues to change,” adds Buchanan. “Cheryl knows this and has a very good understanding of the technology we use, plus a willingness to learn and push the boundaries.”



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